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Interview With LPC Provider College of Law (Part 2) – Questions Students Wanted To Know

Last week DG Academy published part 1 of their interview with LPC Provider The College of Law. Part 2 are the questions our twitter followers requested we asked on their behalf.

Q&A With College of Law

Beth Brown is the careers advisor at The College of Law in Chester and very kindly took the time to answer our questions.

DG Academy interviews The College of Law

DG Academy interviews The College of Law

  • Q. When will the SRA recognise the right for individuals to exclusively choose modules which are relevant to their chosen career path?
    A. I think the SRA is still committed to a ‘broad based profession’ but the Review 2020 I think would welcome your question.
  • Q. Does the LPC provider admit that the course is commercially biased, out-of-touch and doesn’t facilitate careers in legal aid?
    A. We do offer a legal aid route.

    Also if you talk to any senior partner in a Legal aid firm or LAPG (legal aid practitioners group) they will stress they are running a business and commercial awareness is important to them if they are to survive as a business to help those vulnerable individuals they work with.

  • Do you think it’s right the LPC has no entry requirements but so few training contracts?
    A. I think I tried to answer that in my first interview with DG Academy in about who decides on who comes or not for the LPC.
  • Q. With the SRA intent on destroying the diversity of the legal profession, what are LPC providers doing to realise social mobility?
    A. I am not sure the SRA is intent of destroying diversity; the Review 2020 and the workbased learning pilot are both based on recognising the issues around Law and diversity.

    The College of Law are heavily involved with The Pathways to law programme organised by the Sutton Trust and our recent sale will fund a legal education body which will provide bursaries and support for this issue and will be open to all students at all providers.

    I am actually proud of that!

  • Q. Why is the LPC so expensive?
    A. As a provider we are not directly funded in any way by government so this is the cost.

    At The College of Law all our lecturers are paid as if they were in practise as we want to attract the best and produce the best.We also fund student support like our Careers service and things like the Sutton Trust – we are committed to being a broad based provider for the profession. The above answers are Beth Brown’s own views and do not necessarily reflect those of the College of Law.

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You can still read our main interview with the College of Law which provides a lot of information for law students considering studying the LPC.

The LPC is a big financial commitment and shouldn’t be something you rush into. For an alternative route check out our article on the CILEx qualification.

If you have any comments regarding this article please tweet us @DG_Academy or chat to us on our Facebook Page.

If you are interested in writing a piece for the Academy please email Beth Nunnington at for more information.

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