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Maryam Barzegar Spends A Week With Duncan Gibbins On Work Experience

Third Year Student Maryam Barzegar Reveals What Work Experience Was Like

As a third year law student, I was looking for legal work experience within a progressive law firm and hopefully securing a training contract after or while I am on my LPC course next year.

Where I heard about the work experience

I had heard about Duncan Gibbins Solicitors at Uni. They were one of the firms I started to follow on Facebook. Having visited their website, I found the vacancy of a full-time Paralegal which their requirement was studying part time. However further down I saw the one week work experience advert. I was impressed by the way that a great work experience opportunity is given to new graduates and undergraduates as well as the support given for further training.

I was drawn to Duncan Gibbins Solicitors, as it is a specialist personal injury firm which is the field I would like to specialise in.

However, I strongly recommend current students in Uni to undertake work experience as it motivated me to continue my study and gain better marks so I can enter the work environment as soon as I can. It has also built my knowledge on how to apply the law in real life case and made me familiar to the important process of a case before reach the court.

work experience

Maryam Barzegar found her work experience at Duncan Gibbins motivated her to continue working hard at University

My time on work experience

Day 1

I was placed in the company’s costs department. Cost was something that I have never thought about or even heard of in Uni so I had no idea what to expect. I spent my day with one of the admin staff, who explained the process of cost and especially how the computer system function worked and how client information would be entered.

However I also learned how they manage their cases by calling their clients and negotiating costs and sometimes requesting counter-offers. This was really interesting as I had never heard of this process before and this day helped me to build up knowledge on costs of a case.

Day 2

In relation to my first day after going through the admin work of costs, in my second day I was situated in the draft department, this is where the bills are drafted by highly skilled draftsman.

Day 3

In my third day I was given the opportunity to deal with a real case and was responsible to write a questionnaire for a real claim form that was going to court.

Day 4

In my fourth day, I was based in the company’s first response department. During the first half of my day I was given the opportunity to read another case and go through different types of forma which are necessary in order to make a case ready for court.

In my second half of the day I sat with the first response staff which I observed the procedure of accepting and declining cases and the standards in which is required to be met in order for a case to pass. This was one my other favourite departments.

Day 5

And finally today is my last day, where I am based in the marketing department. This is also interesting as they are responsible for promoting the website by uploading all the videos, news articles, blog and photos. Over all, I had a great time in Duncan Gibbins Solicitors and it was good to see the effort and time each individual puts in different departments and the efforts they go to, to make students familiar with the process in the best possible way.

Contact us for work experience

If you are interested in applying for work experience please apply through our website. For all the latest news, blogs and work experience please follow us on our Twitter @DG_Academy or like our Facebook Page.

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