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£1.2bn NHS Compensation Awards in Last Year

The NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) has published its accounts for last year, highlighting an incredible £1.2bn in NHS compensation being paid out to claimants in the period 2011-2012.

Out of this total, £52.4 million was paid out in NHS compensation to those patients, visitors and staff who made ‘non-clinical’ claims as a result of suffering slips trips and falls in an NHS setting, or other types of accidents that led to personal injury.

The rest of the mammoth total was paid out to those who have suffered medical negligence and require on-going care, treatment and recompense for lost earnings due to enforced time away from their employment, with 13,761 claims for NHS compensation being made altogether.

The previous year saw a total of NHS compensation that reached £836 million.
Dr Christine Tomkins, chief executive of the Medical Defence Union (MDU) believes that despite the obvious need for NHS compensation, some sort of reform does need to take place in order to cut costs that could eventually lead to a disruption of great NHS services:

“Many other countries such as the USA and Australia were forced to tackle the problem of unsustainably high compensation awards in the face of a compensation crisis.

“As illustrated by the figure of £1.2 billion from the NHS LA, awards are getting higher and higher and we should not wait for a crisis. We need legal reform now.”

Unsustainable Levels of NHS Compensation Shouldn’t Disguise Good Service

Despite the calls from the Medical Defence Union (MDU) that this level of inflation of compensation levels year on year cannot continue, the NHS compensation that is paid out to patients is needed in the majority of cases.

The service provided by the NHS LA ensures that patients who suffer injury or illness as a result of medical negligence receive the NHS compensation that they deserve.

By seeking medical negligence compensation you can cover yourself financially for:

  • Loss of Earnings Relating to Missed Employment
  • Medical Bills
  • On-going Care Expenses
  • Rehabilitation Contacts

Solicitor at Duncan Gibbins, Mark Ellis says:

“People who have suffered injury or illness whilst undergoing treatment on the NHS should be aware that they are entitled to have their future needs met through compensation.

What did DG Solicitors have to say about NHS Compensation levels

Mark puts his thoughts forward about medical negligence awards

“This may cover their medical expenses, rehabilitation links and in some cases adapted accommodation and transport.

“Sometimes cases can result in compensation awards as high as a £1 million or more, but only when it is needed as a result of catastrophic injuries caused by medical negligence. Without these medical mistakes in the first place, compensation levels would not be so high but we have a duty to ensure people are compensated adequately for life changing injuries that were not their fault.”

Speak to a Medical Negligence Solicitor about NHS Compensation

If you feel you have been injured or suffered a worsening of an illness due to the medical negligence of professionals whilst you have been treated at a hospital or other medical establishment, you could be entitled to seek NHS compensation.

Give Duncan Gibbins a call on where a member of our medical negligence team will be able to give you open and honest advice about a potential claim for compensation.

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