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£50,000 Medical Negligence Compensation for Unnecessary Operation

A woman from Northampton has been awarded £50,000 in medical negligence compensation after undergoing an unnecessary operation.

Claire Millward, 37, had an operation that she didn’t need, a hysterectomy, after being told by doctors that she was suffering from cervical cancer. The cancer misdiagnosis came as a result of smear test results being read incorrectly and it has since become apparent that her condition could have been treated away from surgery.

Mrs Millward had always hoped to be a mother to a large family, already having had one child, and she was in fact trying for another child at the time of the operation that she did not need. A hysterectomy is an ordeal for any woman to go through, to then be told afterwards that it was an unnecessary operation is heart breaking.

Medical Negligence Compensation after Hospital Admitted Liability

Northampton General Hospital admitted liability for the misdiagnosis and operation with a spokesperson stating that the results of the smear test had been wrongly reported, contributing to a delay in diagnosing abnormalities of the glandular cells, commonly known as glandular neoplasia.

There has been a shake-up in hospital procedure since the misdiagnosis in an attempt to prevent any such medical negligence taking place in the future.

Mrs Millward however is left to struggle to come terms with medical negligence of a few people affecting her for the rest of her life after she didn’t need an operation but was given one after a misdiagnosis.

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Unnecessary operations are hard to understand as a patient who has suffered due to the medical negligence of others. We enter hospital expecting the world class service and care that we have come to expect from the NHS and when it is lacking in such a disastrous way it can be hard to come to terms with.

If you feel you have suffered injury or a worsening to an illness due to a misdiagnosis or mistreatment from a medical professional you might be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation. Call Duncan Gibbins today for a free, no obligation conversation with a member of our team. You can reach us on .

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