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Man Claims Compensation After Dentist Removes The Wrong Teeth

A 56-year-old from Gateshead has been awarded £4,000 in dental compensation after he mistakenly had two of his front teeth removed.

dentist removes the wrong teeth

Dental compensation claim made after dentist removes the wrong teeth

John Turnbull, a delivery driver, received an out of court settlement from Dr David Stewart after he removed two of his bottom teeth that were healthy enough to be saved. Three other patients have since come forward with complaints against the dentist, and he has now been struck off the Dentist Register.

“Dr Stewart took no X-rays,” Mr Turnbull explained.

“He just said there was an infection and that the teeth needed removing. I’d been visiting him for more than 15 years, and he’s the dentist, I’m the patient, so had no reason to doubt him.”

‘Excrutiating Pain’ Suffered After Dentist Removes The Wrong Teeth

After having his teeth removed Mr Turnbull experienced ‘excrutiating pain’ for a number of weeks, which resulted in him having to take medication. When he went back to his dentist to arrange further treatment he found that they had shut down.

He added: “I went to see a lawyer, and they found evidence that the two bottom teeth shouldn’t have been taken out and could have been saved with different treatment.”

Mr Turnbull will continue to receive extensive restructuring work, with the gap filled in just in time for his daughter’s wedding.

“I feel confident enough now for the wedding, and then I will book in the rest of the treatment afterwards.”

Speak To A Solicitor About Dental Negligence Compensation

If a dentist removes the wrong teeth it can cause pain, suffering and a loss of confidence for the individual involved. If you believe that you have suffered as a result of a dentist’s negligence speak to a member of our personal injury team today.

Our medical negligence experts can provide advice on all aspects of your dental claim for compensation on a free, no obligation basis. Call us today on or alternatively, fill out the claim form on this page and a member of our team can call you back at a time to suit you.

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