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NHS Claims – 13 Years of Blunders Result in 8000 Deaths

href=””>The Telegraph has recently reported how 8000 patients have been killed due to errors by NHS medical professionals in the last 13 years.

New statistics reveal how the number of NHS claims have risen by 300% in recent years with figures of 223 deaths in 1997-1998 up by an astonishing 903 in 2009-2010.

However, experts are suggesting that the number of patients who have died through medical negligence in the NHS is higher than 8000 as many families will not have pursued legal action.


What is the Government Saying About NHS Claims?

They claims in question relate to only clinical negligence claims handled by the National Health Service Litigation Authority. Therefore, the number of claims against the NHS through private solicitors hasn’t even been accounted for in this figure.

It is believed that the raw figure for 2010-2011 is much higher but the government are alleging that this is because the total encompasses death from previous years. Conservative ministers argue that by removing these figures from the total, figures for the last year is the lowest for a quarter of a century.

Conservative MP, Chris Skidmore uncovered the latest figures, asserting that such levels of poor care would not be tolerated again in the future, commenting:

“We must now do more to improve patient care, particularly of the elderly and vulnerable.”


Professionals Thoughts on NHS Claims

The figures indicate some of Britain’s worst hospital scandals including the 1200 deaths at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust which due to placing cost-cutting ahead of care.

In addition to this investigations at Furness General Hospital in Cumbria are underway after the death of 7 mothers and babies from April to November 2008.

Joyce Robbins from campaign group Patient Concern added:

“I think targets had a lot to do with it, everything was rushed in order to meet the targets.

“They sound good in theory but people were cleared out before they should have been and not cared for properly.”

The Coalition government are proposing to send in hit squads to care homes to help eliminate neglect of the elderly. There are also proposals to spot check hospitals and centres for people with learning difficulties. Whether these plans materialise, remains to be seen.

Perhaps the real focus needs to be on management and procedure in hospitals and GP surgeries. It is often the case that medical professionals feel like they are unable to exercise safe and thorough care due to high management targets and over allocation of patients. Ultimately, it seems there has to be a significant drilling down on unrealistic managerial procedures in order to help eradicate the problems we currently face with NHS services.


NHS Claims and Duncan Gibbins

NHS Claims

Speak to Gillian Phillips one of our legally trained advisors today.

At Duncan Gibbins we know that medical professionals work so hard to provide the best care they possibly can. However, it is only in rare cases where standards slip resulting in injury, illness and in the worst cases death.

Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors make it their mission to exercise compassion when dealing with these sensitive cases and will strive help people to seek access to justice.

If you would like to make a comment about this NHS Claims story or have a medical negligence question why not contact a member of our team for free today or call us on freephone 0800 0193 515.

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