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Scottish Woman Urges PIP Implants Rupture Check after Suffering 'a Complete Nightmare'

Jenny Brown, 41, from Edinburgh, is urging any women who have received the PIP breast implant to urgently consult with a medical professional to assess whether there is any evidence of a PIP implants rupture-as was the case with her own implants.

Ms Brown explained how she had been living ‘a complete nightmare’ since the PIP scare first broke in the news. When a scan revealed the PIP implants rupture, she had them removed, but not before silicon had leaked into her lymph nodes.

Specialists had discovered that her right breast implant had ruptured, leading to silicon leaking into the lymph nodes and causing lumps under her right arm. Ms Brown took the implants home with her and could not look at them straight away. When she did, she broke down in tears:

“I was quite upset. I couldn’t believe that was inside me. It wasn’t nice. The right one, it’s almost as if somebody has slashed it and all the stuff is coming out – and the gel inside it is just breaking up. There were bits falling off it.

“I was quite shocked when I saw the state of my right implant. I was told in my initial consultation that my implants were fine. I think it very important we all get these scans done as soon as possible.

pip  implants rupture

If you are concerned about a PIP implants rupture your first port of call should be your GP or private clinic

“I was very upset and quite shocked. It’s a mess. There were parts of jelly breaking off it as well as I thought: ‘Where else has this stuff gone?”‘

Scottish PIP Implants Rupture – Campaign Group Highlights Issue

Ms Brown has suffered as a result of her PIP implants rupture and has become a vocal part of the PIP Implants Scotland campaign group. The group aims to highlight the worries that the 4,000 Scottish women who have PIP breast implants are facing.

The owner of PIP, Jean-Claude Mas is currently awaiting inquiry after his arrest, as the UK government commits itself to a promise that implants that have been provided for on the NHS will be removed and replaced free of charge.

Ms Brown had no clue as to what was happening inside of her as a result of the PIP implants rupture, she felt no different, had no pain or symptoms that something had gone seriously wrong. Although medical experts have found no evidence that all PIP implants should be removed, hers is a worrying case that many women across the UK will have nightmares about:

“I am angry – when you go into this type of surgery, you think you would have some sign or be aware of that.

“We just want to make sure there is something consistent in place, and not having women just coming away from the clinic and thinking they have time to save up to get them replaced because they could have ruptures in their chest and not be aware of it.”

Worried About PIP Implants Rupture?

The PIP implant scandal has scared a lot of women who have the implant. If you have any concerns at all regarding your breast implant, we urge you to consult your GP or private clinic to secure an assessment and scan.

To keep up to date with the latest news about the PIP scandal please visit our dedicated website here.

If you have been worried by the PIP implants rupture scare and wish to speak to a medical negligence solicitor who can help, please feel free to give us a call at Duncan Gibbins on 0800 0193 515 or alternatively click here to request a call back at a time that suits you.

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