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motorbike accidents

Motorbike Accidents

Unfortunately, motorcyclists involved in a road traffic accident are more likely to suffer serious personal injury. It is therefore crucial that you choose the right solicitors when making a claim for personal injury following motorbike accidents.

Our team of personal injury experts can take care of all the legal proceedings relating to your claim, allowing you to focus solely on recovering from your injuries. We will:

  • Investigate the circumstances of your motorbike accident
  • Obtain witness statements and a police report if necessary
  • Obtain medical reports and maximise your compensation
  • Provide advice on medical treatment and rehabilitation providers
  • Help you to claim for loss or earnings and other financial expenses

At Duncan Gibbins we have experience of dealing with the wide variety of injuries that arise from a motorbike accident; from broken bones to the most serious head and spinal injuries. We understand that motorbike accidents need to be treated differently from standard car accident claims.

Motorbike Accidents – Establishing Liability

Establishing liability in a case involving a motorcycle collision can often be more complex, especially in cases where overtaking is involved.

Duncan Gibbins have an experienced team of solicitors who know that filtering is not illegal, motorcycles cannot simply ‘come out of nowhere’ and that a loud sounding exhaust is not evidence of excessive speed.

If we believe you have a valid claim for compensation but liability is disputed our team will investigate the circumstances of the accident thoroughly, obtaining a police report and speaking to witnesses and accident investigation specialists where necessary.

Claims arising from motorbike accidents may not necessarily result from a collision with another vehicle. You may also be able to make a claim if you have suffered an accident and personal injury as a result of a hazard on the road.

If motorbike accidents have been caused by a pot hole on the road or a spillage, and negligence can be established then you may be entitled to claim. Establishing liability in these types of cases can be more complex than a standard road traffic accident, but by contacting our team you will be able to get immediate advice regarding your claim for personal injury compensation.

Motorbike Accidents – What You Can Claim

Once liability has been established against the third party we will set about claiming the best possible settlement for you. We will arrange for you to be examined by one or more medical experts to obtain a detailed report of your injuries and how they have affected your quality of life. Due to the lack of protection, motorcyclists are more likely to experience severe injuries. It is therefore crucial that your solicitor has experience in dealing with serious injuries.

At Duncan Gibbins our solicitors can help you to claim for:

  • Personal Injury Compensation
  • Cost of property/vehicle damage
  • Cost of medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings/financial expenses
  • Cost of care
motorbike accidents

Speak to Sam about your claim for compensation

If you believe that you have been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault speak to a member of our team today for free, no obligation advice. We can discuss all aspects of your claim for compensation and can pursue your case by way of a no win, no fee agreement.

Contact a member of our first response team today to discover how you can make a claim for personal injury compensation.

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