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Neck Injury

Neck Injury Claims: Whiplash

Neck injuries, tend to be in conjunction with back and shoulder injuries. A neck injury can vary from the effects of whiplash to the most serious of paraplegia to fractures or dislocations. For moderate neck injuries, these will vary from cases involving a whiplash injury to an acceleration of an existing injury. Some minor neck injuries will consist of whiplash that could either last for a few weeks or up to two years.

Whiplash: A Common Neck Injury

Whiplash for instance, is caused by a sudden change in speed that results in the head ‘snapping’ backwards and forwards in a rapid motion. The most common cause of whiplash is a road traffic accident when the vehicle is hit from the rear. As the vehicle is hit it will speed up in a forward direction, leaving the passengers behind for that split second. As the head and neck try to catch up with the rest of the body, they will violently jolt backwards and forwards, causing immense strain and stress on the neck and head muscles.

Whiplash can also be caused from a variety of situations where an abrupt change in velocity has occurred leading to the neck and head to be out of sync with the body.

Whiplash injuries compensation can be caused by car accidents

When the neck is forced forward in a car accident whiplash can occur

Neck Injury Compensation Guidelines

As a guideline, the level of compensation will fall within one of the following brackets:-

  • Severe – up to £95,000
  • Moderate – up to £16,000
  • Minor – up to £5,000

The symptoms of whiplash injury can take a number of days to appear. If you feel you have suffered a neck injury as a result of an accident go to the Start Your Claim page.

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Making a Neck Injury Claim for compensation


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With a wealth of experience regarding whiplash and neck injuries we can supply you with honest, no obligation advice from the very beginning and give you an idea of how much neck injury compensation you can realistically expect to receive.

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