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Company Fined after Accident at Work Injury

A window manufacturer from Derbyshire has been fined £10,000 after an accident at work injury suffered by one of its employees, who suffered serious injuries to his arms as a result.

Wayne Marshall, 29, was working on site at Frame Trade UK Ltd and was in the process of using a corner cleaning machine when the accident at work injury took place.

The machine was not working correctly due to a build-up of plastic debris over the machine’s sensors so Mr Marshall attempted to clean it by first entering the machine. Whilst removing the debris, his sleeve became caught on a high speed cutter that removes surplus plastic.

His left forearm suffered serious lacerations and he damaged tendons on two of his fingers. Although he has since returned to work, for a different company, the accident at work injury caused Mr Marshall to be away from work for several weeks as he recovered from his injuries.

Accident at Work Injury Could Have Been Prevented

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the accident at work injury and found fault with a number of situations.

Not only was the machine unguarded and therefore unfit for use, it was also discovered that Mr Marshall had never been trained how to correctly isolate power to the machine, putting him in danger of suffering an accident at work injury, as he did in fact do so.

Berian Price, of the HSE said:

“Employers have a duty to make sure machinery is adequately guarded so that staff cannot access dangerous moving parts.

“Although the corner cleaning machine had side panels, these were not fixed in place and staff were able to easily remove them or, if they had already been removed, just reach straight in.

“Mr Marshall had not been shown how to correctly isolate the power to the machine so that cleaning activity could be carried out safely. He was not aware of the dangers and suffered some particularly nasty injuries as a result.”

Make a Claim for Accident at Work Injury Compensation

You don’t expect to suffer injury or illness when setting off for work in the morning, but sometimes it is totally unavoidable. Should you have suffered a workplace injury as a result of a colleagues negligence or poor health and safety management by your employers you could be entitled to seek compensation for an accident at work injury.

Make a claim for accident at work injury

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Speak to work injury specialists at Duncan Gibbins for a free, no obligation consultation regarding a claim for compensation. An accident at work injury may take some time to recover from and a compensation package could be a great help towards covering the cost of missed employment, paying any medical expenses and setting up rehabilitation contacts to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

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