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Woman Slips in Vomit at Newport Whitesnake Gig and Sues for Personal Injury Compensation

Newport Council is being sued for personal injury compensation by a woman who injured herself after slipping in a puddle of vomit at a Whitesnake gig at Newport Leisure Centre in December 2011.

Lindy Butcher, 39, was walking to the Loft Bar with her friend Caroline Burns when she slipped in the vomit, causing her to fall up into the air, landing on her knees and suffering injuries. She suffered both bruising and soreness to her knees as a result of the slip, trip and fall. Since the accident Ms Butcher has also experienced muscle spasms between her ribs and neck, as well as shoulder pain.

Ms Butcher said:

“It was horrifying, you don’t expect to fall in someone’s vomit.”
She has put on hold the physiotherapy advised by her doctor whilst waiting for her personal injury compensation claim to be dealt with.

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As a goodwill gesture at the time of the incident, Ms Butcher was given a full refund of her ticket. She missed the beginning of the Whitesnake show as she was in the first aid room being looked after and cleaned up with disinfectant. Despite this and because of the injuries and effect on her livelihood she has suffered, Ms Butcher is now seeking full personal injury compensation.

Although Newport Council would not comment on the personal injury compensation case involving Ms Butcher as it is on-going, a letter from the legal representative for Newport Council said:

“It would appear the presence of vomit was reported to staff by a member of the public. One of the bar staff tried to call for a cleaner. However, it was extremely busy in the bar and café areas and in the absence of any detail concerning the actual whereabouts of the vomit and with so many people in the bars, it was difficult to pinpoint immediately where the vomit was located.”

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