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Fatal Road Traffic Accidents

Fatal Road Traffic Accidents: Lessons Not Learned

BBC Staffordshire has reported how lessons have not been learned after fatal road traffic accidents at Brocton Crossroads in May 2010.

Biker Geoff Jones was killed at the Crossroads and in the intervening year there has been a deluge of signatures to petition to make the area safer (2,000 people have signed).

Yet, work has not even started at the site and there appears to be no plans to do so as Staffordshire County Council needs planning permission to be approved for traffic lights before the work can go ahead.

The leader of the ‘Make Brocton Crossroads Safer’ campaign, Kate Young, has said that the junction has become a death lottery as the number of accidents has remained quite high in the year since the incident involving Geoff Jones in 2010.

After contacting the council in March 2011 regarding an update, the council gave a guarantee that approval would be given to the plans in the very near future but has yet to come back with any information.

Fatal Road Traffic Accidents: Recession Hitting Hard

Ian Turner, who is head of the County Council’s highways operation, defended the authority’s record saying it was ‘one of the best performers in the country when it comes to road safety’.

He also apologised for the delay in sending plans to an independent road safety audit company.

After placing speed cameras at the black spot ten years ago the council are still thinking very seriously about future plans to make the area much safer.

The problem comes when you consider that the council budget has been halved since the last government budget as the recession hits the country hard across the board.

Mr Turner added: “I can’t prioritise this one over somewhere that is potentially more dangerous.”

Upon sentencing the person responsible for the crash, the judge commented on how the local highways authority needed to take a serious look at the area in question and provide a safer environment for the future protection of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Fatal Road Traffic Accidents: A Firm You Can Trust

At Duncan Gibbins we understand that making a claim for compensation following the loss of a family member can seem like a traumatic experience you could do without. However, if you have lost someone you were dependent upon as a result of the negligence of another driver then you deserve to make a claim for compensation.

Call a member of our team who will be able to discuss any claim for compensation with empathy and professionalism. Our experienced solicitors will be able to guide you through the claims process providing expert legal advice at every step of your claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to an accident or you are the family member of someone involved in fatal road traffic accidents, compensation might be available to you; call Duncan Gibbins on 0151 949 5757 today.

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