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Aberdeenshire Man Suffers Serious Fall from Height Injuries

A roofer from Aberdeenshire has suffered serious fall from height injuries after a workplace accident on a flat roof in Strathdon.

Alister McNeilly, 26, was working alongside a colleague on behalf of Donside Slating on 10 November 2010, to fix a flat roof. He was throwing lead cut-offs from the roof to the ground below when he lost his balance and fell the full five metres to the ground suffering severe fall from height injuries as a result.

Landing on his right side, McNeilly severed his right hip joint from the thigh bone, which required four pins and a metal plate to fix. He remained in hospital for four days and had to take time away from his employment for 16 weeks in order to make a recovery. Despite returning to work and recovering in full, he does still sometimes suffer pain in his hip, something that may remain for the rest of his life.

Investigation into Work Accident that Caused Fall from Height Injuries

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation into the workplace accident and subsequent fall from height injuries suffered by Alister McNeilly found that there were no real safety precautions in place to prevent such an accident from taking place.

There was no scaffold platform with guard-rails and toe-boards, and neither the edge of the flat roof or the lower porch roof had any preventative safety measures in place. The owner of the company, Brian George Mackie, had not been to the site for the previous three or four days before the work incident, with no specific instruction being given to the roofing workers with regard to the job itself or for the safety aspects.

Mr Mackie was fined £15,000 as a result of the fall from height injuries suffered by his employee.

HSE inspector Liz Standen said:

“Mr McNeilly was very lucky to survive a five metre fall. He suffered serious injuries because his employer did not ensure that the flat roof area was safe to use, with the necessary fall prevention equipment in place, before work started and he did not given any specific instructions about how to carry out the work safely.

“This incident was completely avoidable if Mr Mackie had planned the work in advance and simple measures such as suitable barriers had been in place.”

Fall from height injuries can be quite severe, how can Sarah help you recover?

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Suffered Fall from Height Injuries – Speak to a Work Injury Solicitor

If you have suffered illness or injury due to the negligence of your employers, you could be entitled to seek work injury compensation as a result.

Taking time away from your employment in order to recover from injuries that were not your fault can be difficult to stomach, there are also the associated medical costs and potential rehabilitation headaches to go alongside, in a case such as this involving fall from height injuries, the injury layoff could last quite some time.

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