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Advertising Firm Fined after Employee Suffers Serious Accident at Work

Clear Channel UK Ltd, the leading outdoor advertising company in the UK, has been fined £12,700 after one of its employees suffered a serious accident at work.

The unnamed maintenance worker injured his hand in a petrol-powered lawn mower whilst working on a billboard site on Bath Road on 22 August 2011.

The Gloucestershire man sustained serious personal injury in the accident at work, his left hand becoming trapped in the petrol powered mower as he attempted to clear a blockage. The man had believed the motor was turned off.

The blade rotated and severely injured his fingers and came very close to severing his thumb completely. The man required 14 hour surgery after the accident at work to repair his damaged fingers and to reattach his thumb.

Accident at Work Caused by Failing Machinery

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) conducted an investigation into the accident at work and found that the lawn mower was faulty, causing the serious personal injury suffered by the worker.

There was supposed to be a safety feature on the engine that stops the blades rotating but this was not working correctly, leading to the man being able to place his hands in fully, suffering serious personal injury as a result.

Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Mehtaab Hamid, said:

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“Clear Channel failed to take the necessary steps to protect its employees from harm through the use of non-maintained or ill-maintained equipment. Such failures led to serious injury to an employee who has only been able to return to work in the last couple of months.”

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