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Boy Claims Electric Shock Compensation After Accident At Swimming Pool

A boy has received £1,750 in electric shock compensation after he was left ‘screaming in agony’ after he used a faulty hair dryer, the Thurrock Gazette has reported.

Electric Shock Compensation

Hair Dryer Caused Electric Shock Compensation

It is believed that Harley Sutton-Dormer, now five-years-old, was only saved from serious injury by his plastic ‘Croc’ shoes after he was electrocuted at Belhus Park Leisure Centre.

The owners of the leisure centre, Impulse Leisure, agreed to pay £1,750 in compensation during a hearing at Basildon Magistrates’ Court. The firm pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety laws and were forced to pay a fine and court costs that totalled £7,425.

‘Disgusting’ How Family Were Treated Before Electric Shock Compensation

Harley sustained a burn mark to his side and had his clothes singed after he went to use a hair dryer in the changing room at the leisure centre.

His mother, Danielle Sutton, claims that the family never received a sufficient apology from Impulse Leisure. She said: “Harley had nightmares after the incident, he wouldn’t go swimming again for about six months, yet we’ve never had a proper apology from Impulse, or a letter.

“I had to chase them to find out what was happening with the investigation all the time. I feel better now, but I think it is disgusting how we were treated.”

Impulse denies that they had failed to issue an apology, with Impulse chief executive, Mike Baden, stating: “Both parents were sent separate written apologies from me some months after the incident.

“The written apologies followed up from a verbal apology both in person to Mr Dormer, and on the telephone to Ms Sutton.

“The court agreed Impulse Leisure had an exemplary health and safety record.”

He added that the hair dryer was removed from the changing area shortly after the incident before he apologised again for any distress caused to the family.

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