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Cheshire Man Suffers Severed Finger in Workplace Accident

A firm of steel container manufacturers from Ellesmere Port has been fined £6,000 after one of its workers suffered a severed finger in an accident at work.

The 55-year-old employee of Greif UK ltd, who has decided to remain unnamed, was in the process of removing debris from the chains underneath a rotating table when he became caught in the mechanism.

The rotating table had been keeping the steel container lids in place so they could be spray painted. After the man’s glove had become caught in the machine, he suffered a severed finger, losing the tip of his index finger on his right hand.

Severed Finger Caught in Machine that Should Have Been Guarded

There were no guards in place underneath the rotating tables. These would have prevented access to the chains whilst they were in motion, and the accident at work would have never taken place as a result.

Since the severed finger incident, the company has installed fencing and a gate around the machine, ensuring that the mechanism is stopped whenever someone enters the area immediately surrounding the machine.

Martin Paren of the Health and safety Executive (HSE):

“One of Greif UK’s employees was injured because the company failed to do its job properly and look after his safety.

“Manufacturing firms must make the safety of employees their top priority to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Otherwise they risk finding themselves in court.”

Work Injury Solicitors – A Severed Finger Should Never Take Place

Compensation can help you recover from a severed finger in a workplace accident

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If you have been put in danger of suffering a severed finger or another type of injury in the workplace, you could be entitled to seek work injury compensation. At Duncan Gibbins we have a team of personal injury solicitors who are work injury specialists, covering many different types of industry and areas of the country.

If you have suffered a severed finger as a result of the negligence we can help you claim compensation that will assist you with your injuries.

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