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New Expansion to Asbestos Compensation Claims

Written by Felicity Dickson,

The Supreme Court in the UK has now clarified that family members of people who have died following asbestos related illnesses can make a claim for asbestos compensation.

This outcome will now allow families to gain the desperately needed compensation for the loss of their loved ones due to negligent exposure to asbestos. Shocking figures revealed that over 2,000 people die a year due to asbestos in the UK.

Additionally, the number of Britons dying from Mesothelioma is three to five times higher than in America. Thus the Supreme Court’s ruling will finally give these families a chance to start re-building their lives.

Asbestos Compensation from Time of Exposure – Not Symptoms

Asbestos poisoning, in many cases, is only determined once the victim has passed away as the symptoms can take years to surface. This, in the past, has led to several debates as to whether a claim for asbestos compensation could be made.

The Supreme Court has initiated a ruling, which determines that insurance liability falls when the worker was initially negligently exposed to asbestos, not when the symptoms began to surface.

This definitive ruling has not only brought a clear view to families who wish to claim asbestos compensation but also to the Association of British Insurers who stated legal proceedings were solely needed due to the protestations by a small minority of insurers.

How can solicitors help you claim asbestos compensation

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Exposure to Asbestos- Asbestos compensation

During the 1950s and 1980s, asbestos was commonly used in the construction industry in the UK. Asbestos poisoning can lead to many fatal illnesses including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. Yet the effects can take up to 40 years to materialise following exposure.

If you feel a member of your family has been negligently exposed to asbestos whilst at work, you may be entitled to asbestos compensation. Even if they have not experienced any symptoms as yet, they may well do in the future.

Time limits however may apply so it is best to speak to a trained personal injury solicitor as soon as possible as a delay may take away your right to claim. Asbestos compensation can be used to relieve on-going medical bills as well paying for an apparatus that may be needed to ease the symptoms of asbestos poisoning.

Speak to an asbestos solicitor today about making a claim for compensation. Call Duncan Gibbins on and we will be able to offer up to date information and advice regarding asbestos compensation.

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