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Man Claims £2,500 after Suffering a Head Injury at Work

A Cheltenham man has claimed £2,500 in personal injury compensation after suffering a serious head injury at work.

Grzegorz Chylenski, 33, was working for PG Components Ltd, a component engineering company, when the accident took place causing a head injury at work. He was operating a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine and was attempting to retrieve a component that had dropped into the machine.

The workplace head injury was caused when moving mechanical parts hit Mr Chylenski’s head, fracturing his jaw and causing him to suffer lacerations to his face and ear.

HSE Investigation into Head Injury at Work

The investigation into how the head injury happened in this workplace, conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), found that the CNC had a safety mechanism fitted that failed to initiate. It should have prevented the machine from operating once the doors were opened.

Mr Chylenski reached into the machine to reach the component yet the safety device had been disabled, which posed a serious breach in safety procedures despite allowing for a faster production cycle. It was this that allowed for the head injury at work to take place.

PG Components (Cheltenham) Ltd have been fined £11,200 whilst Mr Chylenski reached an agreement for £2,500 in accident at work compensation.

HSE inspector Dominic Goacher said:

“The law clearly states that employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees, which includes ensuring machinery and systems of work are safe.

“In this instance, PG Components Ltd clearly failed to ensure the safety of Mr Chylenski, with unfortunate consequences.

“This incident could have been avoided had the manufacturer’s safety device not been bypassed. Allowing the CNC machine to be used in this state puts operators at serious risk of injury or even death.”

Head Injury at Work Compensation – Speak to a Specialist Solicitor

How can we help you claim compensation for a head injury at work

Speak to Sam today about your potential claim for compensation

If you have suffered an accident in the workplace leading to a head injury, you could be entitled to seek personal injury compensation.

You may have had to take time away from employment in order to recover from your head injury at work; there are also potential medical expenses and rehabilitation costs to consider. This is where a head injury compensation claim can assist you with your recovery.

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