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Potential Asbestos Compensation Claim After Workers Exposed To The Harmful Substance

Workmen at a Devon Pub could be entitled to make a claim for asbestos compensation after they were asked to remove the dangerous substance without adequate protection.
The Three Crowns Pub in Dartmoor was being refurbished in January 2010 by Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd, on behalf of St Austell Breweries.

Exeter Magistrates’ Court was told how the building work took place without a suitable asbestos survey report which should have been provided by the brewery.

When the builders began the renovation they uncovered an internal wall that contained asbestos insulation boards inside. Christopher Reed, a director for Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd was in charge of the site, and although he arranged for a sample board to be tested, he also instructed the workers to pick up debris left by the asbestos insulation boards.

During the clean-up operation and demolition of the wall there was also further disturbance and exposure of asbestos fibres.

Multiple Failures Led To ‘Significant Risks’ Of Exposure To Asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive fined St Austell Breweries £5,000; Cowley’s Building and Maintenance Ltd £12,500 and Christopher Reed £2,500. All three parties pleaded guilty to breaching asbestos regulations and were also required to pay costs. Commenting after the hearing HSE inspector Barry Trudgian said:

“Multiple failures on site led to significant risks of exposure to asbestos dust to the four workmen.

“Asbestos dust can cause fatal lung diseases and the dangers are well known in the industry. On average, 20 tradesmen die every week from asbestos related diseases. All those involved in refurbishment or demolitions must be fully aware of their responsibilities for workers’ safety when carrying out their work.”

Speak To A Solicitor About Asbestos Compensation

Asbestos compensation

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Exposure to asbestos is the biggest single cause of deaths in workplaces in the UK. Although the substance has now been banned from being used in building materials, because the symptoms of asbestos exposure can take years and sometimes decades to develop cases of asbestos exposure are still emerging.

If you have sustained illness as a result of asbestos exposure during the course of your employment you may be entitled to claim asbestos compensation. Speak to a member of our team to find out if you could be entitled to asbestos compensation on freephone 0800 0193 515.

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