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Potential Industrial Accident Claim for Man who Lost Arm in Conveyor Belt

A waste management company from Kent could face an industrial accident claim after an employee lost his arm in an accident involving a conveyor belt.

Vladislavs Golovacs, 45, from Gravesend, was working at the Pinden Quarry on 20 December 2010 when he was asked to clear a blockage that was preventing a conveyor belt from working correctly. The conveyor belt system was used to transfer waste into a sorting shed at the site, but due to one of the driving rollers being blocked by a stone it had started to vibrate in a way that made sorting the waste difficult.

Lack of Training could lead to Industrial Accident Claim

Mr Golovacs, who is originally from Latvia, attempted to remove the stones whilst the power was still running on the conveyor belt. The industrial accident claims could arise due to the severe nature of the personal injury suffered, as his left arm became trapped and torn with extreme force.

The industrial accident claimed his left arm, with it being ripped from his body, between the shoulder and elbow. Admitted to hospital immediately after the industrial incident, surgeons were unable to reattach his arm and Mr Golovacs has been unable to return to work since, leading to a potential industrial accident claim.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the industrial incident that led to Mr Golovacs losing his arm and found that Pinden Limited were at fault for the accident. No guarding was in place on the conveyor belt to prevent employees from gaining access to dangerous moving parts and there had also been no training given to the employee in regards to clearing blockages to the conveyor belt system.

Andrew McGill of the HSE said after the hearing: ”This was a horrific incident that was entirely preventable had appropriate guarding been fitted, and had Mr Golovacs been properly trained in how to clear a blockage.

“He knows to his cost that dangerous moving parts should be properly restricted when in operation, and isolated if access is required. However, it was the responsibility of Pinden Limited to ensure that happened – which it clearly didn’t on this occasion. Safe systems of work must be of paramount importance at all times.”

Speak to a Solicitor about an Industrial Accident Claim

How can we help you with an industrial accident claim

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Industrial accident claims can be made by an employee of a company that have been found to be negligent.

If the company you work for has been at fault for causing an industrial incident, claims can be made whether this has been through inadequate training or a direct fault with machinery that has been left unfixed.

In this case a man lost a limb for both these reasons and not only will he be unable to return to work, his life will change immeasurably. He will need rehabilitation and costs to cover medical expenses and the cost of any care required.  A work injury solicitor will be able to provide access to these through an industrial accident claim.

If you have suffered personal injury due to an industrial accident, speak to Duncan Gibbins Solicitors about a potential claim for compensation. We have a team of work injury specialists who have experience in dealing with claims right across England and Wales and can answer all of your questions in an open and honest manner; call them today on 0800 0193 515.

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