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Prosecution for Engineering Firm Following Fall from Height Injuries

A company that provides vehicle engineering, design and testing has been fined £12,000 after two of its employees were injured in the workplace after a fall from height.

The two employees, working at the Nuneaton site for Mira Ltd, were trying to move a heavy motor back into a motorised fan in a ceiling when the mesh mezzanine platform they were balanced on became dislodged and unstable. The two men were involved in a fall from height of 2.2 metres to the ground below.

One of the workers suffered serious injury, breaking his collar bone after the fall from height and requiring 6 weeks away from employment in order to fully recover before he could return to work. The other man cut the back of his head and bruised his eye.

Fall from Height Avoidable with Proper Management

The investigation into the fall from height accident in the workplace conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) discovered that Mira Ltd had failed to properly manage and plan for working at height and had failed to implement adequate safety measures to eliminate the risk factor of a fall from height.

One of the major issues and risks of falling from a height came at the void in which workers had to perform tasks around. There was a clear drop through which employees could fall to the ground below, potentially hurting themselves.

Alison Cook of the HSE explained the need for Mira to have planned properly to prevent an employee suffering a fall from height:

“The two employees were lucky not to have been more badly injured in the fall, especially after landing the way they did with their head and upper body taking the brunt of the impact.

“Mira Ltd should have planned the work properly, and had they done so the incident could have been avoided. Instead they put six workers at unnecessary risk and fell far short of the legal standard required when planning and organising such complex maintenance work at height.”

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