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Supermarket Compensation Paid After Trip In Asda Store

A woman who was taken to hospital after a slip in an Asda store has claimed supermarket compensation as a result of her injuries.

Cindy Thompson, 24, from East Hull, was shopping in the Asda store on Mount Pleasant in the city when she tripped on some metal studs which had been left exposed after repair work had been carried out on the floor in the supermarket.

Ms Thompson was taken to hospital after the accident where it was discovered that she had sustained a torn ligament in her ankle. She received a supermarket compensation payment of £3,775 for the pain and discomfort that she experienced after the accident, which occurred 18 months ago.

Supermarket Compensation Claimed After ‘Sharp Pain’

Ms Thompson described the accident:

“I was walking around the store when I suddenly stumbled and fell forward onto my trolley.

“A few minutes later I experienced sudden sharp pain in my ankle and foot, so I alerted a member of staff. The staff were extremely helpful.”

After contacting a specialist personal injury solicitor, she successfully claimed supermarket compensation. A member of her legal team who handled the claim commented:

“Members of the public expect to be able to shop in safe and secure surroundings.”

Personal injury solicitors can help you claim supermarket compensation after suffering injury

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Are You Entitled To Supermarket Compensation?

The owner or occupier of any property has a legal responsibility to ensure that any dangers are identified and the correct warnings are put in place. If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injury on public property you may be entitled to make a claim. Personal injury claims are not just restricted to supermarket compensation.

Speak to a member of our team today if you have suffered injury that wasn’t your fault through a free, no obligation consultation. We have experience in successfully claiming compensation on behalf of our clients all over the country and for many different types of personal injury. Find out more by calling us today on .

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