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Teacher Paralysed from the Neck Down after Welly Throwing Contest

A London teacher is looking to make a claim for £5 million in compensation after being paralysed from the neck down after a welly throwing contest went wrong.

Glennroy Blair-Ford had travelled with his secondary school pupils for a week of outdoor activities on Dartmoor in April 2007 when the paralysis accident took place during the ‘Mini Olympics’ on the final night of the trip, leaving him paralysed from the neck down and a lifetime of struggle in front of him.

The game taking place when the accident that led to paralysis was a welly throwing competition. Teachers were to be handicapped by having to throw through their legs, backwards. 45 year old Mr Blair-Ford fractured his neck and suffered permanent paralysis from the neck down after throwing the boot and falling forward, directly on to his head.

Mr Blair-Ford has had to relocate to a residential nursing facility a few miles from his family home as a result of being paralysed from the neck down and is now looking to personal injury solicitors to assist him in making a £5 million claim for compensation.

£5 million Compensation Claim for Man Paralysed from the Neck Down

Mr Blair-Ford’s personal injury solicitors are now suing CRS Adventures Limited and its owners, Clare and Roger Sell, for breaching the duty owed to the teacher. It is believed instructors informed Mr Blair-Ford to throw the welly backwards through his legs, without warning him of the inherent dangers of such a procedure.

His barrister Nathan Tavares said:

“The method of throwing the claimant was required to adopt, namely hurling the boot backwards between his legs, was unsafe.

“The method produced rotation of the body of the thrower, which resulted in the weight of the body acting outside the base of support provided by the feet.

“At the same time, the thrower’s hands were between his legs and behind him releasing the welly, so that he overbalanced forwards and could not break his fall.”

The case rests on whether the risks involved were high and that the instruction to participants was poor. The claim for £5 million compensation has been made in order to assist Mr Blair-Ford with his on-going care. He has been forced to relocate away from his family in order to live at a residential nursing home that is capable of looking after him. He requires ventilator support 23 hours a day and for all aspects of his day to day life he requires assistance.

Paralysed from the Neck Down and Seeking Compensation – How Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help

Paralysed from the neck down - how solicitors can help

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Glennroy Blair-Ford became paralysed from the neck down whilst relaxing on a school trip with his pupils. You would never expect to suffer such catastrophic injuries whilst having fun in a seemingly innocuous way. If the park itself has been deemed to have given insufficient instruction then a claim for compensation in the region of £5 million may be given.

Personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation that can cover medical expenses, time missed from your employment, set up rehabilitation links and pay for any on-going care that is required, especially in cases such as this where someone is paralysed from the neck down.

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