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Defective Product Compensation – Woman Makes Claim After Biting On Chip

Woman Receives £2,200 Defective Product Compensation

defective product

Woman lost a double filling after biting into a solid lump of batter

A woman has made a successful defective product compensation claim after she lost a double filling when biting into a hard lump embedded in an oven chip.

Susan Stapylton, from Leeds, bit down on what turned out to be a clump of batter which caused her double wisdom tooth filling to fall out.  The manufacturer of the Aunt Bessies’ oven chips initially offered the 60-year-old a £5 voucher to spend on more chips. Mrs Stapylton commented:

“I couldn’t have a drink, and breathing and coughing, it was a nightmare. I thought at the time, ‘I have seven grandchildren that are young, what if it had been one of them and they’d swallowed it and it got stuck in their throat?’”

Defective Product Compensation – Claimant Receives Apology From Heinz

Mrs Stapylton had temporary fillings placed in her tooth as she was having breathing difficulties at the time of the accident and could not undergo the full corrective procedure.

Heinz, who own Aunt Bessies, commented on the incident:

“Great care and attention is given to every aspect of preparing and making our chips, from sorting and screening of ingredients to the stringent precautions and exacting standards adhered to during manufacture.

“This was an isolated complaint and the safety and quality of our products remains paramount importance to us.”

Defective Product Compensation – How We Can Help

defective product

Speak to Gillian to discuss your potential claim for compensation

If you have suffered injury or illness as a result of a defective product or service then you may be entitled to compensation.

Duncan Gibbins Solicitors are experts in personal injury compensation and can help you claim if you have suffered:

  • A shock or burn caused by electrical equipment
  • Food poisoning while staying in a holiday complex
  • Allergic skin reactions to sofas
  • Injuries caused by faulty sports equipment

At Duncan Gibbins we can pursue your claim for compensation by way of a no win, no fee agreement. Speak to a member of our friendly legal team today for a no obligation discussion about your claim for compensation.

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