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Work Accident Compensation for Council Groundsman

A Merton Council groundsman who injured his knee as a result of tripping over has been awarded £11,000 in work accident compensation after his employers settled out of court in an admittance of liability.

John Brown, 65, from Mitcham, London, was at the local recreation park when the work accident took place, unloading his truck of tools in order to transfer them to a nearby shed on site. Whilst walking down a pathway en route, he tripped over a protruding piece of concrete and badly injured his knee.

Groundsman Suffered for Months until Work Accident Compensation

Mr Brown suffered serious injury as a result of the accident in the workplace, with ruptured knee ligaments in his right leg forcing him to have to walk with a stick for five months as he recovered from the necessary surgery.

He felt excruciating pain in his knee, and even after surgery still feels pain and has been unable to return to the fully operational life he enjoyed before the work accident took place.

An out of court settlement was made with the council for £11,000 after Mr Brown launched a work accident compensation claim against his employers. They admitted liability for the accident at work and issued a statement saying that the accident was ‘unfortunate’.

It is now thought the council will investigate the incident itself and to ensure that the approach to the ramp where Mr Brown injured his knee would be clearly marked as a potential hazard in future.

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