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Sports Injury Claim

If you have been injured as an amateur or professional sportsperson through no fault of your own then you could be entitled to seek a sports injury claim for compensation.

A sports injury claim can be made against a sports venue or event if it is deemed that the organisers have behaved negligently with regards the safety of the participants. It can be quite difficult to ascertain whether a fellow sportsman has deliberately injured you during play but, this is another occasion where a sports injury claim could be made.

Experience of Dealing with a Sports Injury Claim

At Duncan Gibbins Solicitors we have extensive experience of helping our clients recover compensation after suffering personal injury, whether it is a sports related injury or has been caused by any number of accidents in a public place or area of work.

How can a sports injury claim help you recover?

Speak to a solicitor today about making a claim for compensation

A sports injury claim for compensation could be vital in giving you financial assistance at a time that you need it most:

  • A sports injury claim could cover any medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation links can be set up through a sports injury claim
  • Find cover through a sports injury claim for any time you’ve had to take away from work
  • Pay any long term medical bills with a sports injury claim for compensation

An injury in the sports field can sometimes take quite a long time to heal and to recover from, leaving the victim with a psychological as well as physical injury to overcome.

Enquire About Making a Sports Injury Claim

If you would like to find out more about making a sports injury claim contact Duncan Gibbins today on   to speak to a personal injury solicitor. We can provide you with open and honest advice regarding a sports injury claim for compensation, whether you have injured yourself as an amateur or professional sportsperson and no matter the setting of your sports injury.

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