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The M5 Crash – Whose Fault Was It?

M5 Crash

Witnesses involved in the M5 crash on Friday 4th November have recounted a bank of smoke spreading across the motorway seconds before the accident.

The crash which happened close to junction 25 near Taunton, Somerset resulted in 7 deaths and 51 injuries.


What Started the M5 Crash?

Investigators looking into what is being labelled as one of Britain’s worst motorway crashes have been focusing on evidence which indicated that thick smoke from a rugby club fireworks display may have caused the disaster.

It is believed that the fireworks were set off on pitches very close to the M5 releasing a bank of smoke which led to reduced visibility for several meters.

However, this raises the question of who was ultimately responsible for the M5 crash?

Is it the organisers for setting off the fireworks so close to a motorway that they should have known that the smoke was likely to spread posing a risk to motorway drivers?

Another theory is that drivers may have been distracted by the fireworks whilst driving along causing a lapse in concentration.

However, the rugby club affirmed that the display had finished by 8.15pm, 10 minutes before the time of the accident.

Witnesses are alleging that smoke hung around the area whilst organisers are insisting that the wind had blown the smoke into the path of the drivers.

At this stage, we cannot say who is to blame. Members of Avon and Somerset’s major crime team have joined road traffic accident detectives to try to establish the cause of the tragedy.


M5 Crash – Injuries and Fatalities

The Guardian reported how an elderly couple from South Wales Tony and Pamela Adams, who had been visiting relatives in Somerset died in the M5 crash, along with a father and daughter who had been to a funeral in Berkshire earlier that day. Three lorry drivers are also said to have lost their lives in the collision.

Chief Constable, Anthony Bangham, confirmed that 34 vehicles were involved in the collision, commenting:

“Our main line of inquiry has now moved towards the event that was on the side of the carriageway.

“There was a very significant smoke across the carriageway which was very distracting and very difficult to drive through.

Bangham said that detectives were looking into who had gave permission for the display to go ahead. He is also pressing for witnesses who may have taken footage of the M5 crash to hand it into the police rather than uploading it to the internet.


M5 Crash – Statements

In a statement, the rugby club said:

“Taunton Rugby Club would like to take this opportunity to extend our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of those who have been affected by the tragic incident on the M5 motorway on Friday 4th November.

“As a family based community club Taunton RFC held a fireworks display on the evening of the 4th November. Taunton RFC is working closely with Avon and Somerset police to assist with their investigations.”

A tribute to Tony and Pamela Adams said:

“The family of Tony and Pam Adams are devastated and heartbroken at their untimely and tragic loss.

“Our thoughts are not only with our parents but also with all the other persons involved in this incident.”


Witness Statement from the M5 Crash

Matt Craker, who was travelling along the M5 from Devon to Gloucester with his wife and seven-year-old son said:

“It was like someone turned out the lights. I have never seen anything like it. It was like a wall of pitch black fog. In my mind, it was either a total freak-of-nature weather condition, or it had to have been that there was some sort of smoke mixed with it.

“There was one car in front of us. Then all of sudden – bam – it was black.

“The car disappeared. I said to Michelle: ‘It’s like that car has vanished, how weird.’ We might as well have been blindfolded. Next thing we knew we were smashed into the back of it.”

“It truly was complete and utter carnage. There were flames everywhere. We could hear people screaming, but we couldn’t see them. The heat of the fire was immense. It was utterly horrific.”


Your Thoughts on the M5 Crash?

M5 Crash

Ask Natasha Cleary, one of our expert solicitors, a free question today.

Whilst investigations are underway, it’s difficult to pinpoint who is to blame for the tragedy.

If you would like to ask a question about this M5 crash story question please email us today or alternatively call us on 0800 0193 515.


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